The sub-granted projects prepared short video descriptions showcasing their work in Cross4Health. Here you may go through their material and check their promotional videos, one-page-pitch and interview.

ePrev Project

The overall aim of the ePrev project is to improve the everyday life of people suffering from chronic diseases by combining the user friendliness of consumer wearables with medical impact. Hence, iBreve together with their project partner Zinc Design & Innovation Lab, is developing a preventative self-care tool that assists patients to monitor and identify triggers, suggest preventive behaviors and ultimately predict seizures. Currently, the project is focussed on epilepsy patients.

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SNIPE Project

The SNIPE project aims to develop a point-of-care (POC) device prototype for the remote monitoring of patients with liver diseases, through the detection of two different markers in blood: c-reactive protein (CRP) and ammonia. CRP is a marker of inflammation also used as a marker of infection in different settings and hyperammonemia, that is present in the ED (encephalopathy disorder), is mainly caused by liver disease. The SNIPE project consortium is composed of two core companies: Up-Code (project coordinator) and Virtech.

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Genetic AI and Elmibit in collaboration with the Asociación Parkinson Madrid are developing the Patient Support Project PREDISPARK. PREDISPARK is a medical device for remote monitoring of rehabilitation efforts for Parkinson’s Disease patients, specifically tailored for improving and maintaining the ability of Parkinson’s Disease patients to swallow safely and independently.


PLUX Wireless Biosignals (project coordinator) and Interactive 4D are working together in the development of physioplux Trainer, an innovative and engaging service for patients to execute their physiotherapy exercises at home, using state-of-the-art wearable sensors, ensuring both compliance and correctness and allowing remote monitoring by the physiotherapists.


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iWalkU Project

The aim of iWalkU project is to demonstrate scientific and technical evidence regarding the viability of an online exoskeleton for wider market adoption by individual consumers and institutional healthcare providers. Kinetikos company in collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum and Fisiomanual Clinic has developed an online exoskeleton able to both diagnose and register motion, driven by subject-specific motion dynamics, with the ultimate goal to help individuals remain independent and active in their communities and optimise treatments.

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Septibell Project

SeptiBell is a diagnostic device that aids emergency physicians make better clinical decisions and optimize sepsis management. It is the first rapid test that identifies bacterial infections in the blood through immune activity, activating the Sepsis Code. The SeptiBell project team is composed of two companies and a Spanish university: Loop-DX (project coordinator), Raoul Jansen and Comillas University.

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HealthierHome Project

HealthierHome project is developing a health self-management platform that empowers elderly people to better manage multiple aspects of their health on their own, including both particular health conditions and the environment they live in. HealthierHome team is composed of three project partners: TechApps Healthier (consortium leader), Siba and Quantimetrica.

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Kineactiv Project

KineActiv allows the rehabilitation of injuries through active therapy, remotely, controlled and monitored, under the parameters established by a health professional, who can monitor the evolution and establish the next steps to follow in the process of rehabilitation of Personalized way and not in person.

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Remo Project

Remo is a novel platform based on a neuromuscular sensor and a brand-new motivational environment, in which an advanced artificial intelligence learns day by day both from patients and health professionals to maximize the quality and efficiency of rehabilitation treatments.

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Eyecheck System

Eyecheck System are offering a digital bridge between opticians, general medical practitioners and eye doctors. With support from Cross4Health, the team is integrating AI to their platform to improve their screening process and provide remote patient support and earlier detection and diagnosis of eye related diseases.



AgingWell Project

AgingWell is a project which will address the challenges in the long-term care sector, specifically targeting private, non-profit and public nursing homes. ShieldME is developing a medical device that combines novel technology with machine learning to remedy the deficit in care for our elderly. AgingWell project team is formed of two partners: ShieldMe and Instituto Pedro Nunes

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G(5G+SC)ECGms Project

The ‘G(5G+SC)ECGms’ project has the goal to develop a solution that will help medical experts to receive real cardio activity of patients in real time. Our remote and live monitoring system enables patients, within high-risk groups, to a higher degree going about their ordinary lives. It reduces the need of visiting the doctor. It provides security and safety in the acute situation. And it improves the ability to detect and treat sickness at an earlier stage.

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ReHand Project

ReHand is the first digital solution for the rehabilitation of hand, wrist and finger traumatic and orthopaedic pathologies. ReHand Project aimed to adapt ReHand to private hospitals, assuring that ReHand meets all the clinical needs from practitioners and physiotherapists, in addition to regulatory and legal needs from these healthcare entities. ReHand project team is formed of two partners: Healthinn and Hospital da Luz Learning Health.

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Virtual Recovery Project

Virtual Recovery is VR ART –a VR- experience where the player moves within beautiful virtual paintings at the same time as the game facilitates training: Move and wonder through the red wood forest or the sea garden and listen to the birds, create dewdrops, grow flowers and trees.

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Adamo Robot Project

ADAMO robot consists of a robotic arm capable of highly articulated movements to provide precise therapeutic treatment by applying compressed air, producing the desired effects on the patient’s back. An Artificial Intelligence system with a 3D and a thermographic camera defines the positions of musculoskeletal knots and monitors its healing evolution in real time to determine the duration of each session and the number of required follow-up sessions. Thereby, after the physiotherapist corroborates the treatment at the first session, the robot can reproduce a treatment plan automatically. All data is securely stored in a distributed cloud system allowing full treatment track.

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This project builds upon Inova DE’s platform for cardiology and Symptoma’s diagnostic engine. The platform was initially built to receive ECG data from wearables with textile-based sensors and provide intelligible information facilitating medical decision by the cardiologists. Symptoma’s diagnostic engine has proven to be the first and only viable solution on the market setting a new bar with its unparalleled diagnostic accuracy. StrokeAI integrates these two components to enable an AI to assist with the assessment of stroke risk. The risk for stroke is very variable depending on many different parameters specific to the patient, in addition to the hard data related to ECG and detected Arrythmias.

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VR Biomarkers Project

In VR-Biomarkers project we combine quantitative neurophysiology with virtual reality to provide faster and more accurate psycho-physiological assessment of cognitive and emotional functioning in the healthy and impaired participants. 

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FeNOmino Project

Fenomino Asthma Analyze project is an Innovative concept solution focusing on Asthma patients, combining personalized patient breath analysis with outdoor air condition for a smart patient treatment and adaptive conditioning with environment surrounding. With Fenomino you can relate your asthma with your personalized exhaled breath, current weather data – pollen data, air pollution and dust.

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myBUTTERFLY is a combination of a wearable sensor device and a linked smartphone app that measures air pollution in the immediate surroundings of the end user at any given time. End users will be able to see and track their exposure to certain compounds which will raise awareness and allows adaptive behaviour. A small-scale clinical study is planned to link the concentration of pollutants to incidence and severity of chronic respiratory diseases.

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Babyndex Project

Saliva fern test is FDA-approved for ovulation prediction but many samples are not interpretable with naked eye. Babyndex is the first digital saliva test. We complement the analogue ovulation microscope with automated crystal detection in a mobile application. The user takes a picture of the dried saliva sample with her smartphone and she can immediately see on the screen if the probability to get pregnant is high or low.

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PAM Device Project

This is an anti-fall device designed for the elderly who wake in the evening due to incontinence problems. It will help orient them making them more lucid through a combination of oral direction and illumination. The system will also send an alarm to either a central system or to an individual

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